Corporate Events

Best Ways to Brand Your Business at a Corporate Event

Hosting a corporate party provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to brand themselves and interact with customers and clients on a new level. When hosting an event, its helpful to think of attendees as future loyal customers, instead of just immediate purchasers. The ultimate goal should be to interact with your audience, and ultimately form a relationship with your customers. The first step of this process relies heavily on branding; in order for your audience to become consistent buyers, they have to remember your company first.

The mood and ambience of your event can make a huge difference–so the decor must be careful considered. Corporate venue spaces are often large, and easily manipulated for difference settings.Decor also provides ample opportunity to incorporate your brand in innovative ways.

Gobo Lights
Gobo light systems allow you to easily brand your event by creating a custom shape or image that is projected on a wall, ceiling, or any other convenient surface.The light itself can be one-color or multi-colored, and either stationary or moving. The gobo is a piece of steel or glass that can be custom cut to your desired image. This piece then attaches to a light and the pattern is easily projected!

These lights are a great option for businesses because you can customize the piece to include your logo, or other branding images. For those with space concerns, this decor option takes up minimal room, and can virtually be used anywhere. If you’re trying to catch the attention of bystanders passing your event, you can shine the lights on exterior walls to create a dramatic effect using your brand name.

Color Palette
Colors really help set the tone of your event, so try and choose colors that compliment your brand’s style. If you are focusing on a new product, or specific part of your brand, center your colors around those items. Don’t be too obvious with your color integration–rather, save those splashes of color for special items. By using company colors, or colors within the same family, it will be much easier to incorporate your logo and other branding items seamlessly into the decor.

Most successful events have catering, which you can easily adjust to compliment your brand.

Fruit Carvings
Fruit carvings are a fun, fresh way to incorporate your logo into your menu. If you are serving buffet style, a large fruit carving makes a wonderful centerpiece. Most often, brand related menu items are concept related–but a fruit carving can display specific images, or logos.

Speciality Menu Items
Talk closely with your corporate event planner or caterer about integrating speciality menu items that compliment your brand or campaign. Even just cleverly naming dishes can add a nice touch–and shows your audience you are detail oriented.

Interactive Opportunities
Corporate events allow for customers to experience your brand in a new, more casual way. You should take advantage of this comfort and interact with your audience–ideally to get feedback on your products.

Provide opportunities for attendees to take home a piece of the experience. There are plenty of innovative ways to incorporate your brand or logo into products that are useful for consumers. Even simple classics such as specialized bottle openers can be really well received by customers.

If possible, provide samples of your product for attendees to either try at the event, or take home with them. This interaction also provides an excellent opportunity to collect feedback; customers always appreciate when their voice is heard.

Event Staff Uniforms
It is quite typical for corporate events to have multiple third party companies working together to host the party. You can always provide valet services, the catering staff, security, etc. with uniforms that represent your brand.