What is a Gobo & What Can It Do For My Event?

Are you planning a big event and you want it to be extra special? Do you want your event to be posh and stylish but you have a tight budget? If you want to transform an ordinary event to a high-class exclusive party that will surely be talked about for months, try using gobos.

What is a Gobo?

Basically used to create a silhouette, gobos are either made up of metal or glass inserted into the focal center or the “gate” of a spotlight to create different light patterns and/or special effects. Gobos can project any design or pattern including abstract shapes, signs, and company logos, which make it perfect for promoting brands and products especially in product launches and conventions in Dallas.

Gobos were originally used in the theater, film, and television industries before reaching the events and entertainment industry. Even today, gobos (of a different sort) are being used in photography as flags and cookies, which are placed in the light’s path to alter the lighting.

There are basically three types of gobos used in the events held in various Dallas venues: the metal gobo, glass gobo, and full color and dichroic gobos. Metal gobos, which are traditionally used along with stage lights, are metal discs with patterned cut outs. A glass gobo, on the other hand, is made from glass with designs etched using aluminum or other coating. Unlike metal gobos, which use metal tags to create designs, the use of appropriate coating in glass gobos makes it easier for designers to create complex patterns, images, and logos.

Full color and dichroic gobos are also made from glass but project images and patterns with partial or full colors. Unfortunately, because of the wide variety of techniques and coatings used to project colored images, full color and dichroic gobos are expensive and fragile.

Why use gobos for your corporate event?

Gobos are most commonly used in corporate events and conventions in Dallas because of the massive branding and advertising opportunities it generates. Aside from transforming your event by giving it the appropriate atmosphere and aura, gobos provide a unique way to promote your brand that will surely not be missed by any of your guests. Gobos are highly flexible and work perfectly well with various event themes and specific types of entertainment.

The images projected through gobos could be directed in almost any space of your Dallas venue: on the dance floor, on the wall, at the stage, at the side of a building, a prepared backdrop and many other surfaces…so, let your imagination run wild.

Using gobos at corporate events and conventions can help attract attention to your brand that can generate massive leads and sales. The benefits of using gobos overwhelminglyoverweigh their costs.

Gobos are more than just a tool for decoration or to improve the setting of your venue. They most often used to promote a certain brand or product especially in corporate and business events. It doesn’t just transform the venue and set a mood or atmosphere for your event. Gobos promote messages and because they are so visual and impressive, they leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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