When to Plan an Outdoor Wedding in Texas

Weddings stand as a huge special event–especially in American culture. It is one of the occasions that we precisely prepare for, ensuring everything is perfect! Despite that need for control, it’s often worth it to give way to mother nature and host your wedding outside. Outdoor Texas weddings are extremely popular because of our open landscapes, and (generally) favorable climate.

Depending on the theme or style of your wedding, the time of year should match accordingly. For example, beach themed weddings are typically in the summer, while ice themed weddings should of course be set during the winter. Outdoor weddings in Texas are quite popular during October for a mild temperature setting (averging between 60-80 degrees) and more reliably good weather. Many weather channel websites offer wedding planning pages that help research average temperatures and weather patterns during certain parts of the year.

Aside from the temperature and weather, there are several other things that you might want to consider and plan for if you want to have a successful outdoor wedding. To make the planning easier, you should consider hiring a professional Dallas event planner with lots of experience in outdoor weddings.

Among the many things you have to plan ahead for in an indoor wedding, you should also plan for the additional elements below to ensure a successful outdoor wedding:

  1. Seating

Having an outdoor wedding provides you with massive space which you and your event planner in Dallas could decorate and arrange in virtually any way. With regard to seating, however, there are lots of factors to consider to ensure that your guests are comfortable. Primarily, you should arrange your guests’ seating so that they are not facing the sun. Also, ensure that the elevation of your venue will not cause discomfort to your guests.

  1. Audio Productions

To ensure that everyone can hear the ceremony in a wide open space, you should look for and rent a sound system that is built for outdoor events. While most wedding venues in Dallas offer the appropriate sound systems, there are many audio production companies throughout Dallas that can accommodate for outdoor events. Typically, weddings include a sound system with appropriately sized speakers and clip mikes for the bride, groom, and officiant.

  1. Catering

Be sure to inform your Dallas wedding caterer that you are having an outdoor wedding because this little detail can sometimes affect the preparation, presentation and menu. Your caterer will be able to prepare meals that are more appropriate for outdoor events, specifically those that will be able to last long outdoors. Meals that needs to be kept cold are sometimes avoided, especially with little access to refrigeration methods or during a sunny, summer wedding.

  1. Indoor Option

Of course, sudden weather changes could happen anytime so it is highly suggested to have an indoor back up plan in case of inclement weather. Your event planner should be able to arrange the transferring of your guests from your outdoor setting to a nearby indoor room. Otherwise, if you don’t want all the hassle of transferring, you can opt to rent a sturdy tent, which is also good to shade your guests from the sun if your wedding is scheduled during daytime.

In addition to these basics, you may also want to consider serving cold drinks like lemonades and punches. For longer weddings during the day, avoid excessive alcohol consumption to avoid dehydration! With regard to decorations,minimal decorations can go a long way–as the natural landscape of your outdoor venue provides an appealing backdrop. Choose colors and little decorative accents that will compliment your natural outdoor background.

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