The Costs of Branding Your Event

Branding is everywhere. Creating a strong customer connection to your company or product is key to success. An extremely effective way to do this is through physical interaction–ideally, through events. Making sure your company’s brand stands out at an event without being too invasive can be difficult, but it’s important to create an effective balance.

Many corporate events in Dallas use various types of signage, gobos, and even printed napkins, name badges, and all sorts of party favors. Aside from these, however, you may also ask a Dallas event planner to know more about how companies boost branding in social events and parties.

While these branding tools can add costs–consider it a necessary expense. Learning how to effectively pick and choose the best promotional items will save you big bucks in the long run. Also, the profit returns from the sales conversion of how much market you reached at a certain event will more than make up for all the additional costs. You should really consider including branding at Dallas corporate events to your marketing strategies.

To give you an idea of how much it would cost you to establish your company’s brand in one of your social events, here is a list of the most common branding tools with their estimated costs.

There are various types of signage that could be used for your social event. You could choose from banners, posters, signs, and vinyl banners, These could vary in length and design depending on how you would like to portray your branding. The cost of having a signage starts at around $30 for banner signs and $0.99 per square feet for vinyl banners.

Another way to establish branding at corporate events in Dallas is by using a gobo light. Gobos are surely a fun way to promote your brand! These are special light projections that come in the shape of your logo or the product that you are promoting. Light projections may dance throughout the floor and walls or made to focus on a specific spot in your chosen venue in Dallas. There are lots of gobo designers in Dallas, which could copy your company’s logo unto a gobo for an average minimum price of $55.

Party favors
Of course, to ensure that your guests will remember your company and/or the product, you have to send a sample promotion with them. How? By giving away party favors before guests actually leave the venue. Among the most preferred party favors in corporate events and social parties are pens, notepads, mugs, and glasses. The more modern form of party favors, especially to those in the information technology industry are USBs or SD cards printed with the company’s logo. Others stay formal and business-like with their party favors and give their guests pens, notebooks, and card holders.

Party favors could be custom-printed with your company’s logo and/or designed specifically to portray your company. The standard cost for ordering printed party favors ranges from $0.31 to $1.81 depending on the item you want to be your party favor as well as the size of your company logo.

For a more detailed and up to date costs for branding tools, look for an event planner in Dallas. These people wouldn’t only provide you with estimate costs for specific type of branding, but may also point you to the most trained producer of branding tools and products.

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