Audio/Visual Production

Great entertainment requires excellent production gear. Before you even consider producing live music, comedy or video during an event, understand there’s a lot of technology, equipment and skilled labor involved in making everything work. This is delicate work, with expensive equipment and it’s best left to the experts. In our years of doing business, we’ve produced hundreds of concerts and other large events with production needs, like speaking events, conferences and promotional events. We’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with the best production teams and equipment in Dallas and, with their help, have hosted many hundreds of events and served many thousands of guests.

Benefit from our experience and from the experience of the talented people we partner with to produce the event you envision, the right way, and to leave a lasting impression on your guests. By coordinating your event’s production needs through us, you can be sure you get the right equipment at the right price and the skilled professionals to run it. Best of all, you won’t need to understand any of the technical requirements of your entertainers. Our staff will be there to assist your entertainment in acquiring the gear they need and to make their stay with us convenient and easy.

With our help you can produce amazing events featuring live music concerts, DJs, comedy acts, trade shows, conferences, boxing matches, poker tournaments, variety acts, dancing girls and much more…