Bar & Drink Service

Nothing makes a crowd happier or more receptive than a healthy supply of their favorite selection of fine spirits, beers and wines. Drinking is a natural form of socializing and cocktails make any event into a party. Charm and impress your guests with tasty beverages, from custom-designed cocktails to top-shelf classics; or just help them feel liberated with a steady flow of economically-priced everyday favorites.

Our selection is unrivaled, comprising the wealth of commonly-ordered drinks from well to premium across all major brands. We regularly host events with thousands of attendees and have ample supply of our beverage selection and many outlets permanent and mobile from which to distribute and sell beverages.

Its your party…and we’ll work with whatever payment arrangements are comfortable for you. We can provide a “cash bar”, requiring your guests to pay for their adult beverages. Other options include a “consumption bar” where you pay a projected, but fixed, amount per person in advance; or of course, “open bar” where we put all beverage orders on a single tab which you settle for at the end of the event. There’s no advantage to any particular method, except your convenience.

Of course, we serve on our own liquor license, so it is essential for us to appropriately check the ID of each guest in attendance and verify their age before serving them adult beverages. This also means that we are the only organization which is allowed to distribute liquor on our property and that it must be purchased according to the guidelines of the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission. This means that no parties can be BYOB or featured “donated” product. However, we are happy to work with whatever brands you prefer for your event and will facilitate their purchase through our vendors and on our license.