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Gilley’s Dallas excels at producing quality corporate events, sometimes on a very large scale with entertainment, AV, catering and beverage service for thousands of guests. While there are many venues in Dallas, there are few that can offer the capacity, features and professional service of Gilley’s Dallas. With 7 different venues throughout the 90,000+ sq ft facility; there’s a perfect event space for any group size. Centrally located in the heart of Dallas, just a few blocks south of the Dallas Convention Center, Gilley’s is a convenient option for hosting corporate events, conventions, trade shows, banquets and other events.

Besides our massive amount of event space, Gilley’s Dallas offers a variety of other features to corporate clients. One of the benefits of working with Gilley’s to produce your event is the amount of services we provide in-house or are able to acquire on behalf of our clients. Planning corporate events can be challenging and our relationships in the industry can prove extremely valuable to clients looking to create impressive events on a budget. 

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